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If you’re here, you are likely a seasoned practitioner or a yoga teacher. Maybe you're just getting started and feel ready to take your yoga practice to the next level.

By now, you know that yoga is  so much more than a workout and you want to know what’s beyond the surface. 

Maybe you’ve heard about "energy centers" and "chakras" in your yoga classes. Or you’ve had a release on your mat that seems tied to something much bigger than the pose you were in, and want to understand why and how.

Yoga is method that unites the body, mind, & spirit, and works on the whole person - not just the component parts.

Exploring and unlocking your energy through the study of the chakra system is the natural next evolution of your yoga practice.  

Understanding your body on an energetic level is one step toward a fully embodied yoga practice...and life. 

Go beyond asana, and explore energetic alignment.

You know in order to take your yoga practice off the mat and into the world (so you can feel like you’re in savasana even when you're slammed with work or sitting in traffic) you need to know…

✨How do integrate what I learn in yoga class in my every day life?

✨Why can’t I feel that post yoga glow…all the time? 

✨How can I deepen my practice & become a “better” yogi?

✨How can I bend more easily (in yoga & life)?

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Imagine this: 

You have a deeper yoga practice and a better understanding of your physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual energy through a few hours of embodied practice and chakra study. In this workshop you will:

Be a student of yourself:

You don’t need to outsource your education. You have everything you need to access your fullest potential. 

Be a student of life:

Begin to apply your yoga understanding and experience to every aspect of your life through the lens of the chakras and subtle energy. 

Prepare for the next steps on your yogic journey:

Deepen and grow your practice as a skilled student or masterful teacher of yoga.


Journey Through The Chakras

An Eight Part Series and Ebook To Tap Into The Chakras & Harness Your Inner Power

Here's what's included:

Journey Through The Chakras

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Introduction To The Chakras

A comprehensive overview of the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities of the 7 major energy centers (chakras) and how to apply them to your life. Plus a 30-page to anchor your insights and personalize your learning.


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Journey Through Each Chakra

Immerse yourself in embodied study of your 7 chakras. Each lesson includes an experiential journey into each chakra through a yoga flow, guided meditation, chanting, reflection, and an overview of the qualities of each energy center. 

You will learn how to explore, unlock, and balance each of the chakras.

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Journey Through The Chakras is a holistic exploration of the energy centers of the body.

The chakra system is an ancient map of the seven major energy centers within the body. These power centers affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and each center corresponds with specific areas of the body, emotions, natural elements, and colors.

In this workshop, you will learn how to unlock and harness the power within the chakras through yoga, meditation, and discussion. You will leave with tools and rituals to cultivate more healing, purpose, empowerment, and inner peace, and apply what you learn within your life.

Are you ready to expand your understanding subtle energy?

This immersion workshops is yours for $97.

Remember, you get:

A comprehensive video lesson explaining the chakras systems & how to harness the power of the chakras for more power, clarity, and peace - on and off the yoga mat.

7 individual workshops with me diving into each individual chakra through asana, meditation, chanting, and reflection. 

30-page ebook detailing the chakra system and each individual energy center, with prompts for you to anchor your insights from your experience.

I'm Ready!
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Hey, I'm Leah.

I am an internationally published author, yogini, coach & mama of two. 

I have been teaching yoga all over the world for over 15 years, including the White House lawn.

When pandemic hit and I had my second babe, I knew I wanted to create ways for more people to work with me and access the transformational power of yoga practice. 

I knew that the world needed healing and tools to live with more power, purpose and ease. 

I transitioned my teacher training school online and expanded my virtual classes and offering. I have supported hundreds of yogis to take the leap from yoga student to teacher, and from doing yoga to living yoga. 

This course is a taste of what I teach in my Empowered Yoga Training and my deeper studies immersions. My unders It has been a foundational piece of my teaching for years and I knew I had to get it in the hands of more people. 

My gift to you

Enjoy, yogi!



Frequently Asked Questions

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