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Are you ready to deepen your yoga practice and expand the benefits to all areas of your life?

Transform your body, mind, and spirit in 28-days with yoga, meditation, and setting clear intentions to plug you into what’s most important to you.

 In this program you will reset your body and mind, through adding in and upgrading your daily routines and rituals.

POWER PRACTICE will challenge you and empower you to build habits and practices that feel good and fuel all areas of your life.

It’s time to step into your POWER.

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This program is for YOU if you want to...

  • Grow and deepen your yoga practice
  • Build your meditation practice
  • Gain focus and mental clarity
  • Become more flexible - physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Expand your health and well-being
  • Open to more connection and joy
  • Feel more purposeful and powerful in all areas of your life

The heart of POWER PRACTICE is Yoga.

Yoga is skillfulness in action.

You will learn the foundations of yoga asana and philosophy, and build strength, purpose, and power- both on and off the yoga mat.

There is so much more opportunity beyond just a workout.

Based off the 4-week plan in my book Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat and Spirit, each week builds on the physical and mental benefits of the previous week. 

Each week emphasizes one of the principles of power and is designed to give you a holistic practice and an embodied understanding of the foundations of power yoga. 




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In this 4-week course you’ll learn how to refine, harness, and amplify the power already with in you.

What's all included in POWER PRACTICE?

Here's what you get when you enroll:

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Instant access to the complete POWER PRACTICE program. 
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Four weekly yoga asana videos with expert instruction

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A month of daily emails with Yogic wisdom and real life application

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Four weekly overview videos supporting you both on and off the yoga mat

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Five guided meditation videos

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Pre-program intention setting and tips to maximize your practice

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Hey there, I'm Leah.

I am a yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and author of Power Yoga: Strength Sweat, and Spirit. 

I synthesize ancient practices and principles of yoga and wellness, and makes them accessible and relevant for life today. My classes are a blend of strength, surrender and celebration. I have been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine, and led Yoga at the White House from 2009 through 2016 as part of a presidential initiative encouraging health and movement children and families. I live in beautiful Austin, TX, and greatest honor is being a mama. To learn more go to leahcullis.com


The results speak for themselves...

Leah Cullis is a true teacher and healer.

I’m grateful for her guidance and her teachings that have stayed with me all these years.

- Charles A.

Leah teaches from the heart with thoughtfulness and clear intention. She possesses the unique ability to take anyone she is leading to a higher level physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

- Randi M.

It's time to step into your power.

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You are so ready for this journey.

 After 28 days of power yoga, you'll have built the physical strength and the mental focus to see real results in your body and in your life.

As you commit to your practices and engage your whole body with your practice on the mat, you will not only enhance your athleticism but also prepare yourself to advance your yoga practice and go deeper - body, mind, and spirit. 




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